Our Prayer List

      Mikayla Abney, speech therapy, health
    Cindi Brodess, ALS
    Lajoie Culbertson, health
    Wayne Horton, health
The prayer of a righteous person
is powerful and effective.
James 5:16

Family and Friends:   

      Dakota Burge (Applegarth’s granddaughter), seizures
    Jenny Dawes (Gayol’s sister), rehab and radiation
    Lynn Horton (Wayne’s brother), health
    Lee McGee (Gayol and Jenny Michael’s boss), serious health            
                        and spiritual issues
    Naomi Michael (Stan & Gayol’s daughter-in-law), pregnancy
    Rita (Tracy), stage 3 cancer
    Jon Pogue, (Tracy) recovering from hernia surgery
    Cheryl Waldron (Wolfe), glioblastoma


Updated or New
          Stan Michael, will meet with surgeon
      Joe and Karen Applegarth, in Tampa, Florida, May 17-29,
                                                for Karen's second stem cell treatment

     Jon Lanier, shoulder surgery, May 22